Disable Gravatar In WordPress

Gravatar Or Avatar? Basically, gravatar and avatar are the same. The only difference is the social media you use. You

Remove WordPress Attachment Pages And Hide Useless Webpages From Search Results

WordPress Attachment Pages – Traps And Pitfalls Some bloggers with plenty of WordPress experience suddenly discover the attachment pages phenomena.

How To Manage WordPress Revisions And Autosave With Clearfy

Revision in WordPress is the same as the version. The only difference is that each new version rewrites the previous

How To Configure And Manage Heartbeat In WordPress

In this article, we will continue talking about useful tips to improve website performance. We’ve already discussed how to Disable

How To Transliterate Links And File Names In WordPress

Let’s start with the theory. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator of the website address on the internet. Usually, website

Improve Your SEO Image Optimization With Clearfy

Effective SEO Image Optimization All of us know that search engines prefer websites with optimized pictures. Such websites attract new

How To Optimize JavaScript In WordPress With Clearfy

Why Should You Optimize JavaScript? One of the most important steps for fast websites is reducing the number of HTTP

How To Remove JS & CSS Versions in WordPress With Clearfy

The first chapter of every SEO guide usually has tips on scripts & styles (JS/CSS) optimization. It’s the right thing

How To Manage And Monitor WP-Cron Tasks in WordPress

How Manage And Monitor WP-Cron Tasks In WordPress Cron is a command to launch tasks on the server. You can

How To Find And Hide WordPress Login

Why Your Website Is Vulnerable If Others Know A Login You should enter a login and a password to access

How To Reduce Size Of WordPress Images And Speed Up Websites

To find garbage and move it to trash– a perfect feeling no matter what you are referring to – housework

How To Remove .recentcomments Styles In WordPress

What’s Wrong With .recentcomments Styles? Each WordPress widget is connected to a certain class of CSS styles. When you create

How To Disable jquery-migrate.min.js In WordPress

Why jquery-migrate.min.js Is No Longer Needed Many developers use the jQuery library for their routine tasks in WordPress. This library

How To Disable WordPress Admin Bar For All Users Except Admins

Admin Bar is a toolbar to access admin tools and other features and other tools. You can find it at

How To Disable Scripts From Optimization In Autoptimize

Currently, Autoptimize is one of the most popular optimization plugins in the WordPress community. The number of installations is rapidly

How To Exclude WordPress Pages From Search Results?

From time to time, each website owner wonders how to exclude WordPress pages from search results. It’s essential that search

How To Set Alt In WordPress Automatically

Why Alt Is Important For SEO Search engines index not only text materials but images as well. That’s why images

The WordPress Security. How To Hide Authorization Errors

Why You Should Hide Tooltips Of The Incorrect Authorization Data? Testing a blog for vulnerabilities? No need to wait for

Last Modified In WordPress

What Is Last Modified? How It Works? Why do you need Last Modified in WordPress? If you have a blog

How To Disable Automatic Creation Of <p> and <br> WordPress Tags

The WordPress post editor allows automatic editing of content before posting it. The system can insert quotation marks, indents, line

How To Remove Links From WordPress Admin Bar

The WordPress logo (displayed as the “W” icon) is placed at the top left corner of the admin bar. Following

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