Auto Featured Image From Title

New features of APT automatically generates an image for each post from the post title and sets it as the featured image. The image will then be included in your theme wherever the featured image for the post is called for.

It’s good to have an image in every post and page that you create. It helps for things like search engine optimization, social sharing, and just the attractiveness of your website or blog. But sometimes it can take longer to find a good image for a particular blog post than to write the post itself. And often, quality images are expensive.

This features of APT simplifies the process of publishing content and saves you money. It will automatically create a customized image for each post or page that you write. You can select a background image to match the look and feel of your blog, and the plugin will automatically write the title (or other text of your choosing) of a new or updated post or page on top of this background image to create a unique featured image for each post.

Explanation of Features

Specify width and height

You have the option in the plugin’s settings to specify the width and the height of your theme’s featured images so that Auto Featured Image from Title will generate images the same size. Many themes will display the image the correct size regardless of this setting, but it’s always good practice to have images sized correctly to prevent stretching and wasting bandwidth. Included in all versions.

Select a background image

Our featured image plugin comes pre-installed with several beautiful images that you can choose from, and the one that you choose will be used as the background for the featured images that it creates. You can also optionally choose a blank background, opting to use a solid color as the background for the featured image instead. The PRO (and PREMIUM package) version also has the option to choose a background image randomly. Included in all versions.

Select a font

Also pre-installed with the plugin are three high quality fonts which you can select from. The font that you select will be used to write the text you choose to the image (whether the title, except, content, or text from a post’s custom field). Included in all versions.

Choose colors for the text, shadow, and background

You’ll have the option to select colors for the text and text shadow that compliment the colors of the background image you select. If you opt not to use a background image, you can also select a color for the plugin to use for the background of the featured image. Included in all versions.

Ability to upload your own fonts

If you especially like a certain font, or you use a particular font for all of the headings on your blog or website, you have the option of uploading it so that the plugin will use it to write the text to the featured images. Included in paid versions.

Ability to upload your own background images

You have the option to upload your own images to be used as the background images for the generated featured images. Upload images that match your website’s theme. Upload images of your cat. Upload images that you just think look nice. No matter what images you upload, this feature alone gives you great ability to customize the output of the featured images. Included in paid versions.

Position the text on the image

There are a range of settings that allow you to position the text onto the generated featured images. You can position it vertically (top/middle/bottom) and horizontally (left/center/right). You can also set padding from the edge of the image (in pixels) so that the text has room to breathe. Included in paid versions.

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