Affiliate program

We have the most loyal affiliate program, compared to other WordPress studios. Earn up to 50% from each subscription to APT Pro every year!

Unlike most companies with lifetime licenses to products, we provide users with the paid subscription to our list of APT paid components. Users can have a lot of tools for a small price, great customer service, and regular updates, while we gain a stable financial support to develop the project.

This monetization model helps our partners to get a reward for the first order and each subscription renewal. Even if you stop the promotion campaign and no longer want to attract new customers, our affiliate program will give you a stable income until your users stop the subscription.

Terms & Conditions

You can promote both free and paid APT versions. Even if the user downloads the free version and upgrades to the paid service a week later, he still remains your referral.

Your initial affiliate program commission is 20% from each subscription. The commission rate increases for 1% per 1 paid subscription until it reaches 50% (note: this process is not automated. When you attract the 10th customer, please, contact our support team to increase your affiliate rate).

Below is a progress table, where you can find the commission rate growth:  


0-10 subscriptions

> 20 subscriptions

> 30 subscriptions

> 40 subscriptions







30 days

60 days

90 days

120 days

For example, you’ve attracted 40 subscribers who paid $70 for the plugin. So your yearly reward is going to be $1400. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Our project is still a work in progress, and we keep trying to improve the product. The subscription price will grow eventually. And so does your affiliate program income, no matter what price your subscribers initially paid.


If you want to participate in the affiliate program, you should have a general idea of how to attract customers to our project. You should also have a website, a YouTube channel, a customer base, social media profiles, etc. You should describe us the procedure of attracting customers to our project.

When we approve your participation, you can start attracting paid subscribers. You will have access to the partner’s personal area with detailed statistics on subscriptions, terms & conditions and the number of clicks.

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