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100% money back guarantee. Without any risks!

Such cases are rare, but if needed, we can refund your money for orders not older than 14 days. Please, check our Refund policy in FAQ.


number of sites - 1
$ 0 30 day free
  • 1 Site Supported
  • Perfect if you own Multiple Sites
  • Premium widgets
  • Multiple accounts authorization

Social Slider Widget PRO is a paid package of components for the popular free WordPress plugin named Social Slider Widget. You get access to all paid components at one price. Paid license guarantees that you can download and update existing and future paid components of the plugin.

Note! With the increasing number of paid components, the prices will grow. Purchase the license right now and get access to a lot of new tools within a year for free.

Please read the instructions on how to buy and activate the license for the Social Slider Widget PRO

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Frequently Asked Questions

You won’t get any updates or support of the paid components. All paid components you’ve installed before your license expired, will be available as long as they are compatible with the free plugin version.

You can renew the license with -30% discount and keep on getting premium updates.

You cannot club together to purchase a license nor distribute it without our consent!

All paid components are distributed with unique tags in the plugin code. So if you post the archive with the code publicly, we can easily track the owner of the license and block the license for violating terms of usage.

Note! This premium package works with the free Social slider widget plugin only. All cracked packages will be working for 2-3 weeks maximum, as the free plugin is updated frequently.  So think again, what is best for you: to pay someone for cracking the license & updates or to purchase a fully supported and legal license.

Yes, you can. In this case, you’ll need the “Business revolution” license. You are solely responsible for all active licenses and should control their usage.

You and your customers cannot resell the license, causing the dumping of our prices. Your customers should comply with our rules. If one of your customers posts the premium package and allows public access to it on a private nulled forum, in a nulled store or for clubbing, your license will be blocked.

All paid components are distributed with unique tags in the plugin code. So if you post the archive with the code publicly, we can easily track the owner of the license and block the license for violating the terms of usage.

WordPress is updated regularly, technologies of creating plugins evolve too; new security breaches appear.

  • We must check our plugin performances all the time, fixing all potential errors and vulnerabilities.
  • We need to release new tools and features helping you to promote your websites and gain profit.
  • We must help you to solve any problems regarding our products.

Our developers are ordinary people, like you; they are spending their valuable time so that you can get a high-quality service. That’s it.

If anyone promises you the lifetime support and updates, that is a lie. These companies usually release their updates several times in a year, or simply disappear once the sales of their plugin freeze.

APT Pro users can get a tech support within a day (except weekends).

You can get a tech support for the free APT plugin within a week.

Yes, Social slider widget and Social slider widget Pro meet the GDPR requirements. Social slider widget doesn’t store nor has access to any personal data.

The minimum PHP version – PHP 5.6. WordPress version – 4.2 or higher. Social slider widget Pro supports the following servers: Apache (with mod_rewrite, mod_expires, mod_deflate), NGINX, Litespeed or Windows.

A refund is possible:

  1. If plugins do not work on your website, and we can’t fix it.
  2. If plugins do not do what is stated in the description.

A refund is not possible:

  1. If the order is older than 14 days.
  2. If you do not allow our tech support to check the issue and get back to you with the solution.
  3. If your license is blocked due to the violation of the terms (clubbing, distribution of premium products without the owner’s consent, etc.).

We pride ourselves on creating happy customers

We’re all about two things here at Social Slider Widget; building top quality products that you’ll love to use, and looking after our customers. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. It’s the reason we’re proud to offer a 14 day 100% money back guarantee on all of our products.

The genuine status that builds at the best way of bloggers to display their photos online… Effective & Smart… Cheers!!!
Very easy to use, makes my life easier
I always liked this plugin for it’s ease of use. And other than a brief time where it just flat-out didn’t work, this plugin has been fantastic. It came back strong and has been a staple in my plugin arsenal. Thank you!
This plugin works flawlessly since its installation. Congrats! Keep up the excellent work!
This is a pretty good plugin, easy to use and nice.
Plugin works great – added to a custom widget area and it has all the options I need.
After spending a lot of time on searching for the right Instagram plugin and trying various variant, ended up with this. It is very simple in use and has everything you will ever need. Very adjustable and easy to use comparing to other Instagram plugins. You really did a great job. I recommend to everyone.
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